Have you been injured at work? Has your doctor limited your work or told that you cannot return to work? You may qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

Determinations of which benefits are available to you are dependent on the facts of your particular situation.

Workers’ Compensation is designed to provide a fast way to provide medical benefits and income to the injured employee, while shielding employers from the liability involved with former common law negligence suits.  Workers' compensation is usually the only means of financial help for an employee injured in a work related accident.  

People injured at work have to be concerned with getting the medical treatment they need and taking care of their families and expenses. Payment for on-the-job injuries are treated differently than with car accidents.  

If the injury qualifies for workers compensation, the employer is responsible for payment of medical expenses, lost wages during disability, and compensation for permanent disability or disfigurement. Pain and suffering is not a compensation factor.

There are also deadlines for filing a claim with the Workers' Compensation Commission in the event that the claim can't be resolved with the employer.  An attorney can help you with filing claims for lost wages, long and short term medical treatment, and compensation for permanent impairment or disfigurement from the initial stage to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and appeals process.

An experienced Greenville workers' compensation attorney can help injured workers recover benefits. No matter what type of workplace accident you have had, they understand how to get the full medical and financial benefits you need. If a benefits claim was denied, they can also help you challenge that decision and recover the compensation you are entitled to.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious on-the-job injury, you should contact a competent Greenville workers comp attorney to help recover the benefits you need.